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We can give you 100 million households in America!

For the first time in the history of television, Travel + Crafts have come together in a brand new ground breaking series!

Welcome to our confidential sponsorship website. With this information you will learn more about our brand new television series, underwriter costs and packages, the demographics our show reaches, and how you can benefit by participating as an underwriter for the show.

Destination Craft with Jim West takes viewers to countries around the world where master artisans and their crafts are highlighted in both demonstrations and workshops. Our passionate and enthusiastic host, Jim West travels with a small group of crafters as they explore the sights, traditions, crafts, people and food in destinations around the world.

Our viewers are educated, engaged and primarily females from 40-70 years old, with a strong emphasis on female baby boomers, who control an overall net worth of $19 trillion according to the U.S. Census. And this market is responsible for 80% of all consumer spending.

The series is distributed by American Public Television and over 265 PBS/public television stations around the United States will air the series starting in May 2017, which confirms over 100 million households will have access to this program!