What our viewers are saying!

"Jim West and Destination Craft takes artful imagination on an adventure of exploration. This unique concept capturing beautiful locations across the globe combined with the educational knowledge of master artistry is the very essence of inspiration. Jim’s charming personality and creative curiosity makes me feel like I’ve embarked on a journey of discovery right along side…" ~ Tim Holtz
"As a professional artist I love that Destination Craft has opened the door to the minds, and work of some of the great artisans all over the globe. We get to see some of the creative process, and in turn learn from the masters of their crafts. It's a mysterious world, thanks for opening that door." ~ Deb Haugen - the organic artist
I just viewed the episode on your trip to Bali and I was overjoyed. I loved every minute of the show. ~ Candy Grazioli
I am a retired 71 year old widow who is looking to explore the world and I love your show. I dreamed of traveling the world visiting other countries to learn of their culture and how things are made. Your show is aspiring and after being a caregiver for 21 years, I know that my husband would be smiling from heaven to know that I'm now living my dream. ~ Barbara D Smith
I am loving your Tuscany show with all of the different crafts. ~ Susan Phillips
I love love your shows, I am an artist of many talents. I really enjoy all the programs that Jim does and the travel to different countries to find the long lost art. I have soooo many interests myself people ask me all the time how is it that I can do so many different forms of art.. I really don't know myself. I love the challenges of trying something new. ~ Barbara Charpentier
Your program on Peru was SUPERB!!! ~ Lucia Longhi
I enjoy your show so much! I have loved and enjoyed crafts of all sorts for a very long time. The idea of mixing the crafts with travel just seems like the ultimate experience. ~ Mary-Jo Cusano
I just watched my first episode of a Christmas Craft tour in Austria. The show was well done and fun to watch! It made me wish I had been on that tour! Thank you for creating such a fun show! ~ Liz English
Just watched your program for the first time and I love it. I really love it. Peru Art its amazing !! ~ Barbara Borras
I came across your show, "Destination Craft/Ireland." I've been making things my entire life -- and I'm Irish -- so I truly enjoyed the program. ~ Carole Murphy
Just got to watch the absolutely wonderful show of you in Ireland. It was fantastic. I loved all the great things and beautiful scenery you showed. I would love someday to travel to Ireland and work with some felting experts. ~ Sharon McMann
I often thought what if one did a travel show that just deals with the crafts of the area and there you were this Sunday morning on my Cable Station. What a wonderful say to spend the morning. I hope you make many more episodes!!! ~ Janice Kay Wilson
I LOVE this show and feel like I belong with these traveling folks! ~ Jean Wilson
I accidentally found your TV show on CREATE TV. It was the one on Guatemala. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought back memories of my trip to Guatemala in 1973, as well as our great Rt. 66 trip. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your programs, and maybe taking one of your craft trips. ~ Stephanie Kollar
Our PBS station WSKG in Binghamton NY has begun carrying your series on Create TV I can not begin to tell you of my enjoyment of your work. I am of Slovak upbringing and the European craft has been with me all my life . Thank you so much for this series around the world. My life is in fiber art when I am granted the opportunity. ~ Barbara Van Burger
Just saw my 1st episode (Poland) - what a great show!! I've set my recorder to copy all the rest including the one's I missed. ~ Johnny Owen
I LOVE your tv shows. LOVE Them. 🙂 ~ Elizabeth Suanno
This is such a PRAISE to you and your fantastic way that you touch the heart. Can not say enough about your trip to Nepal and Kathmandu. What a wealth of joy and passion you showed with the people. There should never be strife in the life of the people. They just must have the peace of mind and peace surrounding them so that they can accomplish great things... things of great beauty. Loving and lifting each other. Create Beautiful Crafts. Sing Beauty, Dance beauty. Raise children up with Beauty so the future is beautiful! I AM an artist of modern art, I did do a series of Family of Man for the joy of it. Praise you and Bless you for all of your Love and Passion. You and together with CreateTV, can change mankind's direction. Educate with the purpose pf sharing the love of the art and the love of people. ~ Allison Sears
I would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful program about folks that are true, talented, sweet and ARE MAKING THINGS with their HANDS. I believe that typing is NOT what God made our hands for! You are a fantastic, thankful, polite and gracious host that is a pleasure to watch. It is SO nice to watch a program that not only teaches you something about others and their cultures but is pleasant and uplifting. VERY little of that these days. Keep the superb shows coming. ~ Mark Mitchell
I am in love with this show and both my sister and myself are craftspeople. I love mixed media and will try any thing different that appeals to me. I am also a quite good seamstress and can create as I go. My sister is a master with acrylic paint, she has done everything from murals to miniatures. She does detail I cannot believe and has given and taken many classes with me. ~ Pat Greene
LOVE Your Shows. Great New Program. 😀 Keep them coming... ~ Elizabeth Suanno
We just finished watching your "Christmas Crafts of AUSTRIA & GERMANY" episode and are so inspired to visit it this holiday season if they still have the holiday marketplace. Thanks so much for your show and channel - we love watching it every weekend! ~ Mark Dekoschak
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the episodes of Destination Craft with Jim. I absolutely loved the Christmas episode!! Great job and I hope there will be many more seasons of this enjoyable show!! Great TV ~ Deb Seaton
I'm a retired nurse, the craft I participate in is ceramics, I also enjoy cooking and gardening. I also love traveling and learning about other cultures. I love watching your program and seeing all the crafts the women are able to participate in. It looks like an amazing experience! ~ Carol Newton
I absolutely love your show! I just watched the episode on Ireland and was intrigued by the woman who made the scones. Although I can craft I am the world's worst baker but I never give up trying! Five ingredients sounds wonderful to me... ~ Jeanne Smith
I enjoyed your visit to Ireland with master craft artisans. This is the first show of yours that I have seen and look forward to seeing more of your shows. ~ Mia Ardinger
I saw my first "Destination Craft" Show... which was based in Ireland, what a gorgeous and wonderful show!!!! I enjoyed everything I saw about it, from the host to the subject matter... It is so rare in today's tv world to find something enjoyable, uplifting, non-violent... and totally inspirational. The program made me feel like perhaps I could do something more than I do. Thanks again! ~ Terry Maske
I recently watched your episode on Guatemala weavers. I truly love this show and so glad CreateTV has added flavor to their programs. ~ Bren Ala