This was a top notch experience in all ways. Mr. Jim West makes sure that we are well cared for at all times. It was educational, fun, safe, with a huge variety of activities every day, great people, just a blast! ~ Tammy Kaplan (Bali Episode)

What I liked the most about the Tuscany Show was the opportunity to experience hands on how the traditional craft were made. We were taught by experienced artisans. In addition we saw close up such techniques as stone “mosaics” or inlay. The precision achieved using the simplest of tools, and the inspiration from the stones was absolutely mind-boggling. No word can explain the amazement of the final piece. Being able to see a sculptor in his studio with the live model and the many steps and processes before the statue becomes reality gave greater respect and insight to the work of the old masters. But it was so enjoyable to be able to DO a fresco. To do the leather cover, to squish the clay into decorative shapes was wonderful. Even seeing the unique results of the paper marbling made us realize these were things we could do at home. This experience took you back to the beginning and behind the scenes. ~ Alma Lou Annab (Tuscany Episode)

It was the most informative traveling experience I have ever had. we saw and did things that we would never had the chance to experience as an ordinary visitor. ~ Patricia Costa (Tuscany Episode)

The Tuscany Show exceeded all expectations. Every day was a new adventure. I will never forget this experience or the wonderful new friends I made. ~ Julie Archer (Tuscany Episode)

The Christmas Markets show in Germany and Austria exceeded all expectations. Being a visitor to the countries and part of a tv cast was a fun combination and exciting experience. ~ Sharon Banner (Austria & Germany Episode)

Visiting Bavaria with crafters was an amazing experience. From the moment we met each other at JFK, we knew we were bound for a special time together. Interpreting what we did and saw with others who enjoy making things was so enriching. Jim’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I came away informed, entertained, gratified, enthused and recharged. I have so many ideas and possibilities for new crafting projects to try having shared this wonderful time with this special group of crafters in Austria and Germany. ~ Suzanne Doonan (Austria & Germany Episode)

The Christmas Markets of Austria and Bavaria are must-see features of Winter in Europe. The amazing artistry of the products, and the kind friendliness of the people are not to be missed. This experience was a great opportunity to be introduced to this wonderful tradition and to see many of the best markets in the region. ~ Laura Weed (Austria & Germany Episode)

I loved Guatemala – the beautiful country, the bold bright colors, and the welcoming and gracious people. The settings in Lake Atitlan and Antigua were amazing. The villages we visited provided a view of traditional customs and the crafts we learned are still being practiced today. What a privilege to experience this rich and colorful country and its people! ~ Kathie Vaughn (Guatemala Episode)

What a fantastic adventure. I loved meeting the Guatemalan people and getting to see where they lived and even having a home-cooked meal at their home. The crafting was wonderful and I was able to try some new things such as pine-needle basket weaving. It was a unique experience. This was a trip of a lifetime for me. ~ Kathy Heydorn (Guatemala Episode) (Cast Member in Guatemala, Germany, Peru & Ireland)

I will cherish the time I had in Nepal. I know we were able to go many places that tourists would normally never see and that made this visit even more special. One of my favorite times was shopping for saris and the experience of custom tailoring. The most memorable was exploring the tiny village with the mustard mill, we were able to enjoy the farmlands and beautiful scenery. ~ Mary Randall (Nepal Episode)

This experience was like nothing I had ever done before. It was amazing, the people, the sights and the crafts all were just beautiful. ~ Nancy Withers (Nepal Episode)

I had a wonderful time, Jim West was a wonderful host. The group was lively, caring and considerate. All in all this was a truly unique and unforgettable time! ~ Eileen Jonat (Nepal Episode)

The crafters were amazing warm wonderful people and very talented. The location was perfect. ~ Elaine Edwards (Iceland Episode)

There were many things we did and many places we saw that made this a grand adventure of a lifetime. The weather was hot and so was the food but the Indian people were so welcoming and friendly. I very much enjoyed the group of crafters who shared this adventure with me. ~ Linda Lasson (India Episode)

Destination Craft India was an intimate way to experience a country and it’s people, and see how their religion, rituals, passions, philosophies and daily life are expressed through the arts. ~ Melissa Sobotka (India Episode)

I enjoyed the immersion into the culture of the people in this beautiful country. I have always been an “off the beaten path” kind of person when I travel and that is exactly what we did. I thoroughly enjoyed all of our workshops and demos. There was such diversity in the things we did and experienced. ~ Bridget Brecheen (Switzerland Episode)

I loved this trip, I’ve always wanted to see Switzerland and this was the perfect opportunity to do this. the places we went and the activities we were involved in were not to just everyone. I was amazed at the spectacular scenery and think that my favorite thing was the cheese making trip to the top of the mountain, it was glorious! ~ Chris Long (Switzerland Episode)

The opportunity to meet all these lovely people that continue to carry on their families crafts in exactly the same way today. ~ Linda Fukunaga (Switzerland Episode) (Cast Member in Switzerland & Poland)

The people and sights of Ireland reminded me about the importance of taking care of the earth. The sheep and Holstein cows, the many shades of green pastures and trees, surrounded with blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, were breathtaking to behold. In Iceland we carved a bear from the end of a tree branch and surprise, I had a beautiful “Fish”! Surprises just keep happening! As a Cast Member, an unexpected result is the number of friendships have been created in an atmosphere of positivity, learning and fun from cast members around the world as well connecting to the Artisans in the various countries sharing their crafts and who they are. We hope and pray that the viewers enjoy watching as much as we do making of Destination Craft with Jim West! ~ Marlys Wiens (Cast Member in Bali, Ireland, Iceland)

Fabulous experience! We saw so many areas of Ireland, many off the beaten path, and the crafts were excellent. ~ Kathy Heydorn (Ireland Episode) (Cast Member in Guatemala, Germany, Peru & Ireland)

AMAZING! I have been fortunate to travel around the world and have had some wonderful experiences , however this was my first trip to South America. I want to thank you for a unforgettable experience. ~ Jody Kamman (Peru, South America Episode)

Peru is a beautiful country to visit, and the craftsmen we met and worked with were excellent. ~ Mary Travillian (Peru, South America Episode)

A fun and informative trip. Great to meet and spend time with so many talented artist as they shared their various crafts. The hands on participation was fun and sometimes frustrating at the same time. We not only saw the cities but ventured into the countryside to get a real feel of the country and their interesting artists. ~ Sara Borr (Peru, South America Episode) (Cast Member in Peru & Ireland)

This trip fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Machu Picchu. Being included as a member of this group made the experience so much easier. I will never forget the new friends made nor the kind and wonderful people of Peru. ~ Pam Clark (Peru, South America Episode)

This is such a PRAISE to you and your fantastic way that you touch the heart. Can not say enough about your episode with Nepal and Katmandu. What a wealth of joy and passion you showed with the people. There should never be strife in the life of the people. They just must have the peace of mind and peace surrounding them so that they can accomplish great things… things of great beauty. Loving and lifting each other.

I AM an artist of modern art, I did do a series of Family of Man for the joy of it. Praise you and Bless you for all of your Love and Passion. You and together with CreateTV, can change mankind’s direction. Educate with the purpose of sharing the love of the earth and the love of people. No discrimination ~ Allison Sears

Traveling with Destination Craft with Jim West is a powerful experience. It’s so exciting to see the world through the eyes of a craft artist from another culture. Being in the studio with the artist, I am surprised and amazed to discover my creativity and to share that with the other crafters in my tour group. I’ve tried my hand at painting on tiles and on Chinese fans, wood carving, glass blowing, stone sculpture, and cork crafting. Jim West’s enthusiasm, respect for and appreciation of the artists and his fond regard for crafting create an environment of joy and wonder. ~ Suzanne Doonan

Our Destination Craft tour provided us with so many opportunities that we would never have experienced with a traditional tour group. From the chance to make Apple Strudel in an ancient café in Austria, to the opportunity to practice woodcarving beside the experts of Oberammergau, to the fun of learning to blow glass ornaments from a family practicing that art since the 1600’s, the trip was unparalleled. The additional opportunity to be fully immersed in the creation of a television show was just icing on the cake. We were thrilled with an experience that was absolutely unique and incredibly varied. ~ Laura Weed and Patricia Mann